Natural Latex Mattresses

Our Natural latex is 100% Natural therefore there are no chemicals or fillers. It is not synthetic or blended. It is the quality of Talalay processing which makes our Natural Natural latex superior. Our Natural Natural latex mattresses are OEKO-TEK and GREEN GUARD Certified. Please visit Talalay Global to gain the ultimate wisdom of our Natural Latex. Natural latex mattresses provide unparalleled individual support, therefore limiting any type of sleep disturbances one may have. They are anti-microbial, and have 300 percent maximum resistance to dust mites. This makes Natural latex beneficial to allergy suffers.

When laying on a Natural latex mattress, one will not experience pressure point pain. People who have had hip and knee replacement therapy appreciate this type of comfort a Natural latex mattress offers. There is no pressure so therefore there is no pain.

Natural latex is "Mother Earth's" computer, it adjusts to all body weights and types. Natural latex does not "push back" against the body, instead it gently contours giving the feeling of "floating." Natural latex mattresses do not "hold the heat," therefore you will not get hot when sleeping. Natural latex breathes allowing your body to breathe as well. It's like wearing a nice pair of "cotton jeans" vs a pair of polyester pants.

Natural latex mattresses have been around for a very long time, enjoying high popularity in Europe. The health benefits are too many to count, as well as its incredible durability. Natural latex will stand up 3-4 times longer then a conventional mattress will.

Above all, wouldn't you want to sleep on something that benefits all aspects of your life, as opposed to something that simply hinders you? Nowadays, a mattress has become just another throw away item. If you are lucky, the average mattress last at most 5 years, and then you throw it away. This is because the inferior raw material inside of the mattress has broken down. This is the type of strategy used by many big box stores. They want the product to break down so that you in turn have to buy another mattress. On and on goes the cycle.