Institutional Mattresses

This mattress is designed by InBetween Dreams for institutional and residential purposes. It meets and exceeds all governmental codes and specifications. This institutional mattress is available in a heavy duty coil, or a high density foam construction.

The ticking (material) on the mattress has no glue compounds so the fabric will never crack or peel, as well as adding incredible durability and flexibility to ensure its longevity. It is flame retardant to meet Canadian fire codes, and antimicrobial, therefore there is no bacterial activity within this mattress. It is 100% waterproof, and most importantly, it does not support bed bug infestation.

InBetween Dreams has been supplying Children and Adult Mental Health agencies with institutional/residential mattresses for several years now. We also supply Hospitals, Missions, Shelters, Fire Stations, Universities, and Colleges. We are Southwestern Ontario's largest supplier of institutional/residential mattresses.

During our 32 years in business we have come to understand the needs of our clients. We more then appreciate the stresses of economical pressures and government cutbacks faced by most agencies these days. We would like you to know that our prices are highly competitive. Our mattresses exceed all standards and codes and our service is excellent. We also cater to any special needs or concerns your clients may have. All references regarding the residential/institutional mattress are available upon request.