Custom Furniture

There were many reasons that led to the conception of InBetween Dreams Furniture. After many years of selling furniture that was mass produced and flimsy, it became clearly evident that consumers were becoming dissatisfied with the quality of the furniture itself. Real wood was being replaced by particle board and veneers which manufactures labelled as "solid wood". Staples now held together most furniture, and even glue was being deemed as unnecessary expense. Furniture was lacking creativity and originality, and everyone seemed to be carrying the same products and styles. People were now forced to "fit the furniture", instead of being able to express their individuality and taste in the styles and sizes of furniture that fitted them.

Here at InBetween Dreams Furniture, every bed and piece of furniture is created for you, to your own specifications, with the vision of creating a "one of a kind piece. This enhances the mystique, beauty, individuality, and ambiance of your home.

All of our work is art, custom made by hand, out of high quality "real wood". It is solidly constructed with dado joints, screws and quality carpenters glue. We use no particle board, or veneers in our products. Every piece we create for you is designed to last a lifetime.

Choose something from our catalogue or create something wild! You are only limited by your own imagination and we are open to all possibilities.