Core Principles

The core principles of InBetween Dreams are detailed below. We believe that by being environmentally friendly, providing healthy and safe products, and dedicating ourselves to long-term value, our customers will be happy and satisfied with our business. This relationship is the basis of long-term business success, and we hope to prove it to you.

in between dreams environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

At InBetween Dreams, our natural latex mattresses are constructed to minimize their impact on the environment. We do not use harmful chemicals, fillers or synthetics. We use only real, sustainably-produced latex. And because our product lasts so long, you won't find them filling up landfills.

in between dreams health benefits

Health Benefits

Our mattresses are anti-microbial, 300% resistant to dust mites and free from toxins and carcinogenic chemicals. Along with the known positive health benefits of a good night's sleep, we believe that our products are a healthy and natural alternative to synthetic mattresses.

in between dreams longevity


Nowadays, a mattress has become just another throwaway item. If you're lucky, you'll get five years out of your mattress. This is due to inferior construction materials and practices. Our natural latex mattresses can outlive us all - not only are they 100% pure, but they having staying power.

Customer Service

At InBetween Dreams, your satisfaction is paramount. We don't want you to walk away from our business feeling anything less than 100% satisfied with your purchase.