"Sleep is the best
- The Dalai Lama

"Sleep is the best meditation." -The Dalai Lama


To sleep soundly, every night, without disruption, is a gift. A natural latex mattress can help you achieve this. If you cannot sleep you cannot function. Its time to bring back what our elders from the old countries have known for a long time... A natural latex mattress will benefit you in so many ways.
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This mattress is designed by InBetween Dreams for institutional and residential purposes. It meets and exceeds all governmental codes and specifications. This institutional mattress is available in a heavy duty coil or high density foam.

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There were many reasons that led to the conception of InBetween Dreams Furniture. After many years of selling furniture that was mass produced and flimsy, it became clearly evident that consumers...
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Have an unusual space that you'd like to utilize? Need high-quality, affordable and reliable institutional furniture? At InBetween Dreams, we provide the very best institutional furniture on the market...
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Welcome to InBetween Dreams. Throughout my thirty years of business ownership, I have listened very carefully to what people need and/or want when it comes to selecting a mattress that is right for them. InBetween Dreams mattresses have helped several people who have many different physical problems. These problems range from:

- Fibromyalgia
- Upper and lower back pain
- Neck discomfort
- Poor circulation
- Bed sores
- Diabetes
- Cardiovascular disease
- Muscle tension/stress
- Arthritis
- Allergies
- Overall acute and chronic body pain
- Sports injuries

InBetween Dreams mattresses are designed to relieve pressure points throughout the body. It will give the individual the feeling of levitating while it conforms naturally to assure optimal support in any sleep position. This alleviates high to low pressure areas that cause pain and discomfort - such as fibromyalgia.

InBetween Dreams mattressess allow the legs to slightly elevate so that circulation can increase while the person sleeps. This, of course, helps increase circulation and improve sleep quality. The need to use pillows between the legs disappears.

Balance is always the key word when designing InBetween Dreams mattresses. People young and old are hurting more than ever, and it is extremely beneficial to all if a good night's sleep can be counted on. InBetween Dreams mattresses provide the perfect balance of comfort and support to many individuals who suffer from chronic or acute pain.

Over the last thirty years, I have learned that we are all "InBetween Dreams." It's not achieving the "Dream" that's important - it's how you get there. It's the journey to your "Dream" and what you do when you're InBetween that Dream that matters. Designing mattresses that help people has been, and continues to be a rewarding experience.

Welcome to InBetween Dreams.


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